Curtain and drapes - A simple measuring guide

Measuring the Height:
Decide on the placement of the drapery rod (if there is no existing rod) and measure the desired height in inches from this point. The preferred height could be just past the window (Height A) or all the way to the floor (Height B)
Tip: Ceiling to floor draperies/curtains add more elegance and grandeur to the space and also makes the space appear larger. In this case the rod can be installed 2-3inches below the point where the ceiling meets the wall.
If you plan on placing the drapery rod just above the window frame, the general recommendation would be to install the rod 3-4 inches above the window frame.

Measuring the Width:
First measure the width of the window frame – from casing to casing (Width A) in inches. To this add atleast 6 inches (3 inches on each side to account for the ends of the rod extending beyond the window frame) to arrive at the desired width (Width B). If you are planning on having the rod extend more than 3 inches on each side for more stacking (when curtains are open), calculate the allowance accordingly on each side and add this to the actual width of the window frame to arrive at the desired final width.

Tip: In case of existing blinds/shades in the space to take care of privacy/light issues and you would like to add curtains just to soften the space and add color, two normal width panels would be sufficient. This would serve as a cost effective method.

Note: The measuring guide given above is solely for information purpose. Our products are made to match the exact measurements provided by the customer. We cannot be held liable for any incorrect measurements.

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